Hello, My name is Kapri and I am the CEO of KVisions. I’ve always been passionate about fashion and I have always wanted to make other feels beautiful, confident, and creative within themselves. Adding a little extra to your outfit makes everything 100% better. Being creative when it comes to your accessories will build confidence within YOURSELF and express many of your emotions.

My brand KVisions was thought of because my name starts with a K and I am always a true believer of having a vision in life and following your dreams. Therefore, the brand name KVisions was thought of. After buying KVisions, I want everyone to feel happy with the product they chose and feel like a
DIFFERENT person after wearing my products!

Make sure to follow us on all social media to see pictures and videos posted in everyone wearing our KVisions products. Also, when wearing our products be sure to
tag @kvisions__ on Instagram. Some pictures will be chosen to be on the website!


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